Graphic + Print Design

Hacienda Skate Shop | Eastwood Skateboards | Book Binding, Boxes + Papercrafts | Logos + Branding


Hacienda Skate Shop

One of the Hudson Valley’s finest skater-owned shops. I’m currently responsible for creating most graphics for hardgoods, clothing, signs and decals, and printed and promotional material.

Eastwood Skateboards

Eastwood was the coolest company that never was. A small skateboard company that some friends and I started together many years ago. We made our own skateboards, wheels, t-shirts, and stickers.

Book Binding, Boxes + Papercrafts

Some printed and scanned media, paper crafts, book restorations and specialty boxes.

Logos + Branding

A few logos, branded and stylized graphics for banners, signs, stickers or business cards. Mock up flyers, covers and printed media.