Video Game Development

Monster Mash

The evil pharmaceutical mogul Ultrachem has been tampering with a ton of top secret genetic projects lately. Everything seemed to be going as planned until the planet was invaded by the Gorgonaut Empire! With a healthy dose of gamma rays, the laboratories test gecko, who has been undergoing less-than-kind experiments lately, decides to exact their revenge!

You’re deemed too high of a threat to the city of Metroville and you’ll have 2 minutes until the city is completely nuked. The frat alien sect known as the UFBro’s are on Lunar Break and they’re screwing up the planet just for kicks (and a ton of views on GlikGlok). They’ll deliver various mutated weapons like laser guided mallets and boxing glove guns to up the ante, as well as delicious snacks. Destroy buildings, cars, and everything else as you absolutely RAGE!

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*This is a VR title and requires the use of SteamVR or the app being sideloaded to your device in some way.

Global Game Jam

I’ve also recently started my adventure with the C++ programming language and I’ve modified one of my first class projects, a clone of the old arcade game “Timber,” to be a simple, sprite based version of this game. You can dowload it below:

Doom AR

This was a small augmented reality project for Android I made and is a simple clone of the classic game, Doom. I was playing with the idea of a “magic window,” or a persistent game world that is viewed by the user moving the device around and changing their location. The player can look around with their mobile device and tap on the screen to shoot the approaching enemies. You can download and install the .apk file directly from below:

Whispering Abyss

After losing her father at a young age and watching her mother get dragged underneath the surface by something terrible, Grace Havenshroud was left scared and alone. She vowed as long as she lived she would never let herself feel as helpless as she did then. 10 years later, Grace returns to her hometown of Duluth, Minnesota. Equipped with her dual revolvers and the sun necklace gifted in her mother’s final moments, Grace is determined to find out what took her mother. Will Grace discover Duluth’s secrets or will she meet the same fate as her mother?

Heavenly Sin

A game all about minds and murder! Follow an unorthodox detective in a multi-level, action-adventure murder-mystery, set in a comical envisioning of the 1920’s. Players will comb through dialogue and complete platforming areas through their mindscapes in order to find clues and solve a mysterios murder.

I served as Art Lead on this project managing and help create 2D/3D artwork, models, textures, UI graphics, visual effects and more. I also helped program a few key features like shooting, movement and behavior of the player, enemies and miniboss, the traversal of levels, some sound, and the functionality of most interface mechanics.

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Derpy Derby

This is a multiplayer demolition derby game in a simple low-poly art style. Ram other players’ cars to do damage. Last one standing is the winner! This game was one of the first working online multiplayer projects from a game jam at Marist College. Almost the entirety of programming was done by my good friend Erick Latshaw while I handled creation and implementation of all assets and visuals. At the time of this writing, we have some plans to continue development with some possible different game modes, characters and “tune-up” of all mechanics (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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This little project is not so much a game, rather a small creative applet. This idea came from the stereotype of making quick sketches on napkins. It started out as a simple, grayscale drawing tool but I stylized it to reflect this idea of sketching things and never having to save them (similar to an Etch-A-Sketch). I made this project shortly after learning a little of the Processing language and I really wanted to make something with the idea of portability in mind.

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Mind Field

The concept revolves around exploring several different dreamscape levels to collect a token of your forgotten past. Collecting all of the items will restore your memory and free you from the mysterious prison cell you start out in.

I worked on this project with a number of multi-talented individuals as our submission to the 2021 Spring semester Marist Game Jam. This 7 person team was one of the largest I’ve ever done a jam project with. Everyone had an expertise in wildly different backgrounds and we all handled our respective aspects of design. I modeled a lot of the objects, assisted with level design and was responsible for programming the character controller and level-switching conditions and mechanics.

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The Legend of Sky Islands

Another small game project by Erick and I for the Global Game Jam 2021 virtually held by Marist College. The theme being “Lost & Found” led us to designing an etheral, 3D and first-person puzzle game about collecting specific keys to unlock a portal and return home from strange floating islands. I again designed and created all of the world and objects while Erick Latshaw handled almost all of the programming.

Global Game Jam

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I teamed up with my friend Erick Latshaw again for the Marist IGDA Chapter October Game Jam, which was around Halloween time and “spooky” themed of course. In this game of sneaking around, scaring kids and collecting their candy, I made all of the game world, objects and characters while Erick programmed almost everything.

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This was a fun arcade shooter I put together for the initial project of a special-topics course in game programming at Marist college. I was playing a lot of different shooters at the time, as well as the latest DOOM so I wanted to recreate a bit of that intensity and freneticism. And who doesn’t love thrash metal.

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Sprite Knight

One of the first video games I ever tried to develop when I was first teaching myself Unity. Most of the art was assets online or drawn in Adobe Photoshop by my friend Steve and myself. It’s definitely fun to work on and I would love to be able to give it more attention, there’s certainly plenty of ideas for it.

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I Can See You

This is an audio-focused narrative game that was submitted for the No Video Jam, a game jam considerng the visually impaired. Our team was about four people, the story being written by my friend Chris and myself, the art and sounds sourced by another friend Steve and my sister Sara, with all of us contributing to voice acting in some way.

Making a video game for the visually impaired was actually as fun as it was difficult. I did a ton of audio design and voice acting which were both very new to me. This game was made with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and Unity.

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D.O.C. (Dogs Offering Cures)

This was the first game submitted for a small game jam remotely held between several Marist College students during the beginning of the pandemic. My sister Sara, who is a digital illustrator, supplied the art from Adobe Illustrator and I took care of all the programming and building in Unity.

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Corona Killer

This was the second game submitted for this game jam, but made entirely by myself. I mainly reused assets from some school projects I was putting together at the time. The theme was coronavirus but I thought this was just a fun arcade-like shooter.

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Color Climb

This was created with along with several other students who specialized in illustration, writing and programming. This was made for the Global Game Jam, in particular my first game jam.

I was responsible for some of the art, some of the coding, but also generally assembling the levels and handling any forms/submission for the jam. This game was made with Unity.

Global Game Jam

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