Paul Harden

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My name is Paul Harden and thanks for visiting my site! (Or what may be the remnants of one). I’m constantly changing this space and trying to update it with exciting stuff. I’ve been trying to post game dev and technical “art” more frequently on my social media accounts as well. This site is a collection of the stuff I’ve made over the years either for different school or personal projects.

I try to exist at the intersection of art, science and technology and have a passion for anything expressive and cutting-edge. I have been a multidisciplinary graphic designer for over a decade and am currently pursuing a degree in Video Game Development and Emerging Media from Marist College, where I have also been a programming teaching assistant and given 3D modeling workshops. I really enjoy helping others understand the newest creative technologies and how they can be demonstrative of their own passions and interests.

I love Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Unity and breaking and repairing my 3D printer. As I get more and more into instructive roles I’m constantly discovering new forms of creative and collaborative interactive media so if you ever have a project and want to work together just reach out!