Renders + Animation

Google Earth Studio Compositing | Photorealistic Objects + Game Assets | Abstract Art + Looping Animations

Google Earth Studio Compositing

These animations were made using Google Earth Studio to fly around my college campus and other local businesses, being exported as videos in the form of XML files. Using a combination of Blender and After Effects I was able to make interactive maps or wayfinding animations, title and opening screens for different departments and simulated tourism of the different parts of campus or local roadways.

Photorealistic Objects + Game Assets

I’ve been really trying my hand at more photorealistic materials and renders, learning more and more about physically-based rendering and bump mapping. These were some objects and characters created from scratch, some being a little more playful or whimsical, which is very new but very exciting for me.

Abstract Art + Looping Animations

A collection of strange and abstract visual art, both static and animated into loops. Mostly digitally rendered objects and imagery using Blender and sometimes post-processed in Photoshop or After Effects.