Breaking into Virtual Reality

I’ve always thought about blogging about something and is what this page is intended for, initially required by a school assignment. I would like to post here about current projects and things in progress, like a devlog. I’ve ended up getting involved in many things, maybe documenting them through photos or videos, but never really got around to polishing this page.

Ultimately, I’d like my posts to be about various topics, subjects or techniques, but I’ve recently been experimenting with a lot of VR and thought that might make a great introductory series of posts to make to get myself into this. I have a couple projects going where I’m playing with some different stuff but for now here is a YouTube playlist that accompanies a presentation I had prepared as a part of the Celebration of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity event at Marist (2021). This presentation was on some of my own discoveries and realizations as both a hobbyist virtual reality developer and a student with an interest in human-computer interaction.

The YouTube playlist is a series of recordings of myself playing with different things I had programmed throughout a few weeks in the semester. I was using the Unity engine and an Oculus Quest to explore development of procedural generation, mass and weight, movement dynamics and UI/UX presentation and refinement.